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are your ceramics dishwasher/oven safe?

Yes they are. All my ceramics are made of stoneware clay and fired in an electric kiln to 1220 degrees C (unless stated otherwise). This intense heat vitrifies the clay, making it watertight, and irreversibly changes the state of the clay into a strong ceramic piece. Unless your kitchen oven at home can reach high fire kiln temperatures, the piece should be fine. However, having said all this, it is my advise to treat any handmade item carefully and calmly, so handwash if possible. It is just so sad when a loved (and more expensive) handmade piece of pottery perishes.

do you ship internationally?

Yes I do ship internationally.

could I pick up my order at your studio?

Yes, this is possible. If you live near to my studio (Breda, The Netherlands) or happen to be in the neighbourhood, it is always my advice to pick up your order. With a studio pick up you'll be sure of a safe delivery to your house.

are there any locations where I can buy your ceramics in real life?

I currently have two stockists, both in Breda, The Netherlands.

YIRGA, Sint Annastraat 19C, 4811 XK, Breda (coincidentally also where I work part-time so you may bump into me here)

Noos31 Originalstore, Sint Janstraat 25, 4811 ZK Breda

what happens when my order breaks during shipping?

Obviously I do whatever I can to avoid this from happening. I take care to wrap all items in both paper and bubblewrap and make sure they cannot move within the box or touch the sides or eachother. Ceramics are fragile though and postal services don't always take note of the fragile tape around a box. If an item arrives broken please get into contact with me and we'll discuss a solution.

is your packaging eco-friendly?

Sadly it is not right now as I use bubble wrap and plastic tape. Right now I'd rather be sure that your purchased item arrives in one piece as shipping is also not environmentally friendly and I want to avoid having to ship a second time to replace a broken item. These are things I'm eager to look into in the future. Please make sure you recycle or reuse all packaging! I'm happy to receive and reuse old packaging if you have any.

is it possible to visit the studio?

You can always contact me to make an appointment to come round to the studio. Sadly my studio is located within the thick walls of the former prison building I rent my space in. It is no longer a prison but you still need a key to get in (and out) so it is not possible to simply drop by. You can also keep an eye out for the open studio days/evenings. I try to organise one every so often and usually make the studio look its very best for these occasions!

do you make larger orders for e.g. restaurants?

Yes I do. I would be happy to meet with you and talk about the possibilities. Please keep in mind that the larger the order, the more time I'll need to make it happen for you. Even something as simple as a dozen cups will take at least one month to finish. At the moment I do not have large quantities of the same items in stock.

do you ever attend (craft) markets or fairs?

I have done, once, but didn't like it so much. If you have any ideas of fairs that you think suit my work then please let me know!

do you make (and sell) anything else besides ceramics?

I am trained as a fine artist and only got into ceramics after art school. This means that sometimes I find it hard to stick to the one medium and I need to do some drawing, book making, writing, photography, whatever I feel like at the time. Most of this doesn't feel like a part of studio emma sophia which is why it won't end up in the webshop. In the future this may change.

how many people work at studio emma sophia?

Studio emma sophia is a one woman operation which means things don't always work the same as with large scale companies. As I am the designer, maker, bookkeeper, cleaning lady, social media marketer and every other job that needs doing, sometimes I run out of time or energy do do things as quickly as I would like to do them. I enjoy the solitude and control of working alone though so that makes it all ok.