locals can use the code PICKUP to skip shipping costs



Because studio emma sophia is run by just one person, I (Emma) am not able to offer things like next day delivery. Sometimes I'm only able to allot one day a week to packing. Please understand that I do my best to get packages to you as soon as I can but it could take a week or more. Some other questions you may have about my shipping policy can be found below:

do you ship internationally?

Yes I do ship internationally. Prices will vary according to which country/part of the world I'm shipping to. Customs may also slow down your order.

what happens if my ordered item breaks during shipping?

I do whatever I can to avoid this from happening and am happy to report breakages are very rare for me (*knocks wood*). I take care to wrap all items in both paper and (paper)bubblewrap/cardboard and make sure they cannot move within the box, touch the sides of the box or touch each other. Ceramics are fragile though, and postal services don't always take note of the fragile tape around a box. If an item arrives broken please get into contact with me immediately and we'll discuss a solution. This could be a new product or a refund.

what happens if my ordered item gets delayed or lost during shipping?

If an item gets delayed or lost, you can reach out to me and I will contact the shipping company about it. Often their first reaction is to give it a few more days and this is usually enough time for the problem to get fixed. If it still hasn't resolved itself I will start an official enquiry where the shipping company looks into the situation more closely. Again, in my experience this is enough for the problem to get resolved.

In the situation where an item really seems to be lost, of course I will refund the order or send you a new item (if possible/in stock). I will need confirmation from the shipping company that an order is officially lost and I will allow a month delay before refunding/resending an item.

I cannot stress enough that it is not possible for me to offer the same shipping policies as big companies. If something goes wrong along the way this is something I can not control. Rest assured that you are in direct contact with me if this were to happen and that I really care about this and will do what I can to fix the situation.

could I pick up my order at your studio?

Yes, this is possible. If you live near my studio (Breda, The Netherlands) or happen to be in the neighbourhood, it is always my advice to pick up your order. With a local pick up you'll be sure of a safe delivery to your house. Use the code PICKUP when you order and get in touch with me about when you want to pick it up.

NEW! If you live in the city centre of Breda I can personally deliver your order.

other FAQ

are your ceramics dishwasher/oven safe?

Yes they are. All my ceramics are made of stoneware clay and fired in an electric kiln to 1240 degrees C (unless stated otherwise). This intense heat vitrifies the clay, making it watertight, and irreversibly changes the state of the clay into a strong ceramic piece. Unless your kitchen oven at home can reach high fire kiln temperatures, the piece should be fine. However, having said all this, it is my advise to treat any handmade item carefully and calmly, so wash by hand if possible. It is just so sad when a loved (and more expensive) handmade piece of pottery perishes.

are there any locations where I can buy your ceramics in real life?

I have several stockists. For the complete list please navigate to the 'stockists' page.

is your packaging eco-friendly?

I am working on making all my packaging as environmentally conscious as I possibly can.

All packages are shipped in cardboard boxes that can all be recycled. I have recently changed from plastic tape to eco-friendly paper tape. My packaging supplier has ensured me this tape is completely eco but I still have to do some research on the glue used.

For the inside padding I have been using recycled newspapers or other types of paper. Due to the increase in shipments I can no longer consistently use this as an option and I have also started using biodegradable packaging peanuts which dissolve in water. I have also switched from plastic bubble wrap to a cardboard wrap and am still exploring other paper based protections for my ceramics. 

If ever you receive plastic bubble wrap or packing peanuts in your order it is reused from an order I myself received.

I trust my customers to either reuse all packaging or recycle responsibly. 

is it possible to visit the studio?

You can always contact me to make an appointment to come round to the studio. Sadly my studio is located within the thick walls of the former prison building I rent my space in. It is no longer a prison but you still need a key to get in (and out) so it is not possible to simply drop by. If you find yourself unexpectedly in the neighbourhood you can always try to contact me via Instagram DMs for a quick studio visit.

do you make larger orders for e.g. restaurants?

Yes I do. I would be happy to meet with you and talk about the possibilities. You can contact me using the contact form.

do you ever attend (craft) markets or fairs?

I do sometimes but haven't felt like I have found my audience there. In future I'm sure I will do markets every so often.

do you make (and sell) anything else besides ceramics?

I am trained as a fine artist and got into ceramics after art school. This means that sometimes I find it hard to stick to the one medium and I need to do some drawing, book making, writing, photography, whatever I feel like at the time. Most of this doesn't feel like a part of studio emma sophia which is why it won't end up in the webshop. In the future this may change.

how many people work at studio emma sophia?

Studio emma sophia is a one woman operation. This means things don't always work the same as with large scale companies/factories. As I am the designer, maker, bookkeeper, cleaning lady, social media marketer and every other job that needs doing, sometimes I run out of time or energy do do things as quickly as I would like to do them. I enjoy the solitude and control of working alone though so that makes it all ok.