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handbuilding workshop / group session

You can book a workshop focussing on handbuilding for two to six people. During the workshop I will introduce you to several handbuilding techniques which you can then use to make your own ceramic creations. My goal is to let you experience clay in a no pressure environment and to help you find your own way. Feeling the way the clay moves and what happens when you add to or remove from your creation is an almost meditative activity. Of course I will help you along the way wherever you feel this is necessary. 

At the end of the workshop each person will have made several clay items, most people average three. In the weeks after the workshop the creations will slowly dry and get fired and glazed by me.

Drinks and snacks are included in the price. 



- handbuilding workshop / 2,5 hours / €75,- per person

- price includes use of tools, materials, tea/coffee and snacks

- items made during a workshop will be ready for pickup/shipping after 1 - 2 months

To book please use the form on the contact page.


handbuilding workshop / individuals

Do you really want to join a workshop at the studio but can't find any friends who want to come with you? No worries! Every so often I'll plan a workshop date open for individuals. Make sure you follow along on Instagram to stay in the loop!

special requests

If you have a specific idea for a workshop, are looking for a children's birthday party or a teambuilding event, or would like one on one ceramic lessons, please contact me using the form on the contact page and we'll discuss the possibilities.


It was originally my plan to start weekly clay classes in April 2020. Due to the pandemic this has not been a possibility. At this time I am too busy with wholesale orders to plan these classes. If you would like to play with clay at my studio you can book a one-time workshop with a group of friends.

Hopefully it will be possible to start the classes in October 2021.